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About Stoneman, Inc.

Richard "the Stoveman" Slonin, expert stone mason, stone sculptor, and owner of Stoneman, Inc. has over 35 years experience in the stone business. In 1980, he moved from Long Island, New York to Delray Beach (Palm Beach County), Florida, bringing his masonry experience and training to do fine quality stone installations. When the trend moved from natural coral stone to cast coral stone, he was unhappy with the unnatural look resulting from pitted concrete and baking soda molds. He decided to manufacture his own cast coral stone, using natural coral keystone impressions. The result was a material that looks exactly like REAL coral keystone!

Because his product has become very popular, he decided to expand his business. He now has a manufacturing shop in Lake Glenville (Jackson County), NC. Richard found that most of his customers in the mountains were looking for a more rustic look, rather than the tropical look of coral. He fell in love with the mountains and began to learn about the natural resources available in the Blue Ridge Mountains including the hard woods, rocks, and stones. He purchased a mill, and began to lumber his own wood.

Now, he is better resourced to provide special grades of not so readily available hard & soft woods (such as; black walnut, hickory, red and white oaks, etc.) and various stones and rocks for his fireplace installations.

Richard is being kept very busy building masonry products as well as doing fireplace repairs and providing chimney services to the surrounding areas.

Our Mission Statement

Proudly serving our customers for over 35 years, Stoneman, Inc. is dedicated to providing a high quality product. Bringing pride, skill, and experience into everything we design, build, and install, we guarantee the absolute best in unique material and artisan-ship!

A New Location

Stoneman, Inc. has opened a masonry workshop in Glenville, North Carolina. Now, you will be able to get our unique masonry products and our professional services at this location.

In addition, we are better resourced to provide special grades of not so readily available hard & soft woods and various stones and rocks for our masonry installations. We will also be able to make repairs to your existing fireplace and/or chimney.

All the basic elements needed for a beautiful home available at just one place. No more running around from one subcontractor to another. We can do it all.

A Special Thanks

Stoneman, Inc. would like to thank our customers for their continued business and many referrals! Please visit our other web pages to see our specialties. Then call, email,  or drop us a line on our "On-Line Contact Form" to find out what we can do for you!

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