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Wood Burning, Gas, Pellet Stoves

Many of our customers ask us to install home heating stoves into their homes because of their simplistic clean lines, quick installation, and cost-effectiveness. Efficient and convenient, a stove provides vast savings on your heating bills.  Stoneman, Inc. supplies and installs a large selection of wood-burning, gas, and pellet-fuel stoves from the industries' finest. Why not consider a home heating stove for your home? 

Mission Wood Stove by Avalon  

This stove was supplied and installed by Stoneman, Inc. and unfortunately is no longer available. There are several small and medium free-standing wood stoves available by Avalon that are affordable and just plain heats. Some models have optional 160 CFM fans. Some models feature large cooktop surfaces and are available with your choice of sculptured legs or pedestals.

Berkshire Gas Stove by Lopi    

The Berkshire is Lopi’s medium-sized gas stove. With a 31,000 BTU input and heating capabilities up to 1,500 square feet, this stove is ideal for heating large areas of your home. The Berkshire features the Ember-Fyre™ burner, high clarity tempered glass, and the optional GreenSmart™ 2 Wall Mounted Remote that allows you to control every function of this stove from the comfort of your favorite chair.

Stoves and Inserts

Our customer wanted to replace their old stove with a new Buck Stove. We replaced it with a Buck Stove Model 74, Non-Catalytic Wood Stove.

We also installed newly exposed venting from stove to brick wall.






Our customer wanted to make her fireplace more efficient by replacing it with a stove. We refurbished this fireplace by installing a Buck Stove Model  21, Non-Catalytic Wood Stove.

With a heating range of 800 to 1800 square feet, the Model 21 is an ideal choice for zone heating or small homes.

We also installed an Asian Slate Tile Stove Board over the fireplace opening and as a hearth extension.



Our customers wanted to make their fireplace more efficient by replacing it with a stove insert. We removed our customer’s old stove and replaced it with a Buck Stove Model 21, Non-Catalytic Wood Stove with Insert Kit.  This insert comes with flashing, trim, and a blower. We also installed a 6” stainless steel seamless liner, terra-cotta collar-plate, and rain-cap.




Our customer wanted to make his fireplace more efficient by replacing it with a stove insert. We  installed a very rustic-looking Stoll High Valley Model 2500, Catalytic Wood Stove Insert, in "Old World" style.  The finish is "Burnished Bronze". Installation included cutting stone, installing a lintel, a 6-inch stainless steel seamless chimney reline, a new chase top cover, plate, chimney cap, and heat shield.

Quality Installations

Our customers purchased this stove elsewhere, and Stoneman, Inc. installed it.

If you have a stove that you need installing, just call Stoneman, Inc. and we will be happy to install it for you. With over 35 years of experience, we guarantee the very best, quality installation!





Stoneman, Inc. Custom installations from start to finish:

  •  Wood, gas & pellet fuel stoves upgrades and conversions,
  • Supply & install wood, gas, pellet fuel stoves,
  • Construct and repair chimneys and flues,
  • Install caps, chase covers, blowers, dampers,
  • Stove Cleaning,
  • Stove Inspections,
  • Stove Repairs.

Images: Ours Stoves and Inserts

  • Buck Stove Model 21, Non-Catalytic Wood Stove, with Insert Conversion Kit
  • Stoll High Valley Model 2500 Catalytic Stove Insert
  • Buck Stove Model 74, Non-Catalytic Wood Stove
  • The Berkshire™ GreenSmart (GS) by Lopi
  • Buck Stove Model 21, Non-Catalytic Wood Stove
  • "Mission Cottage" Gas Stove by Avalon
  • Pleasant Hearth Wood Stove
  • Pleasant Hearth Wood Stove, Installed by Stoneman, Inc.

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